I don't have an opinion to share on this play but I want to point out that Anim

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So nicely done. I admit I'm kind of Animal Crossing Bells biased against predators based on networking references; however when they're a great design and look amazing away from the context of that reference I believe they function. This is perhaps the best example of that I have seen.Damn that is great, you went in for the first one I visit! And it is all awesome, but I'm really digging the raccoon!Although I am white, it's not uncommon for me to play as a black character in games (once I have an option ) especially because as a kid I became more fascinated with the concept of representation and the way most of us are taught that white would be the"normal" or"default" human in media. I figured- hey, if I opt to play as distinct races, perhaps I can help my brain to never think of whitened as"default". /shrug/

I can not say I've completely escaped that tendency. And doing this doesn't make me"better" or something. But I think that inviting people to perform characters out their reality is fine. It will help us think outside our own little bubble of truth. That is all.Tom nook is in fact a tanuki so I am afraid you're going to have to have enormous tanuki balls tattoo onto him. F.

(that said, while I can not truly know what it feels like, I do understand that for POC, that line between"only treat us like everyone else" and"how dare you pretend to be us" is complicated and can vary from person to person. All I can do is try to be kind.) Jesus Christ on rocket skates. I don't believe there are scenarios where dangers, doxxing, or telling someone to kill themselves is okay, and *especially* not when it comes to pixel buns! What the hell, folks. I literally can't imagine myself telling somebody to kill themselves, even anonymously.

I don't have an opinion to share on this play but I want to point out that Animal Crossing games have terrible wavy hairstyles. I've got curly hair and have always tried to create my characters seem similar to me IRL. I have never buy Animal Crossing Items managed to find anything that does not appear to be a sail boat in my toons head.I am kidding. Tanuki are known as raccoon dogs and Tom Nook is referred to as a raccoon from the localized version of the game.